Magical Environments, Effects & Encounters

Need ideas for creative, unique quests or settings that will inspire your players to investigate an intreguing, magical world? This book includes over a hundred and fifty pages of illustrations and descriptions about the magical landscapes and effects that occur in a high fantasy realm. Every description provided is relevant enough in the world that it can act as a plot-point or quest for your game. There is also a list of random encounters provided for anyone who needs ideas for high fantasy quests.

All of these descriptions can apply to any fantasy roleplaying system - or in many cases, modern and futuristic as well. For example, some of the magical weather, buildings, environmental features (caves, mountains, etc) can be used in any setting.


Magical Plants & Animals

Looking to inspire your players with imaginative quests and plot hooks? This book includes over a hundred and eighty pages of illustrations and descriptions about the magical plants and animals of the world, as well as a brief section on the minerals of the world as well. All of the goodies provided can be used as a quest plot-point, making each of them worth your time to investigate or learn about.

The PDF is free, so take a look! These plants and animals can work in almost any setting, whether fantasy, modern, futuristic, or something else. They also provide a great deal of creative opportunity for your games.


Compendium of Spells & Rituals

Want to have access to a large compendium of magical powers without having to build them from scratch? This compendium is right for you - and it's free! It's filled with over one hundred seventy pages of spell descriptions and illustrations. It covers everything from the elemental powers to time travel, emotion, computer data, prayers, and even smell.

The list of spells is very comprehensive, and done in a way that you can easily port them to whatever system you like.


Core Rulebook

[Currently in Development] This system emphasizes simple, flexible roleplaying mechanics with an emphasis on a fast combat ruleset that encourages heroic behavior without complicating the system. For now, the system will be free to play and download, so check it out as it evolves!

Some of the experienced RPG veterans that have been playtesting our system so far have said that the combat system is the best style they've ever seen in their years of gaming. Others have said the game as a whole was the best system they've ever used. In other words, it's got a pretty good track record so far. Let us know if you agree! We're going to update this project and make revisions as it evolves to maximize its potential.


Wise Words

"Hipster Games took exactly what I wanted and bundled it up into a masterpiece."

- Hipster Games